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Our Partners

Chicago, Illinois

Speech IRL

Speech IRL was founded in 2013 as a small private speech therapy practice. Today, we’re a practice of clinicians , coaches, and creators, helping individuals and businesses change the way they communicate .

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


YouSpeak is an organization focused on providing person-centered therapy to individuals who stutter of all ages. YouSpeak is a place where, together, we can focus on improving communicative ease and effectiveness , while also discovering what may be possible when we no longer feel so restricted by the fear, discomfort and shame of stuttering.

Toledo, Ohio and Kigali, Rwanda

The Gabel Center for Stuttering Therapy LLC

The Gabel Center For Stuttering Therapy provides state of the art therapy support in Toledo, OH. Additionally, we help adult and children who stutter in Rwanda, a country with only two therapists for a population of more than 11 million. 

Raleigh, North Carolina

Speech and Language Therapy Associates

Speech and Language Therapy Associates is committed to providing compassionate, quality services that improve communication and quality of life . We specialize in the treatment of children, adolescents, and adults who stutter.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco Speech & Fluency Center

SF Speech and Fluency center provides speech therapy to help persons who stutter to connect and communicate with dignity and confidence. We focus on helping individuals share their words without fear or anxiety.

New York, NY


At Schneider Speech, we believe it’s all about people. The people we work for; and the people we work with Phil Schneider and Uri Schneider lead a team of exceptional professionals – specialists in what we do and dedicated to work with passion and care for the people we serve. With real team spirit, we have individual supervision each week, and meetup for team breakfasts to collaborate with cream cheese and bagels – sharing clinical highlights and problem solving together.

Buffalo Grove, IL

Chmela Fluency Center

Chmela Fluency Center is a supportive environment where individuals of all ages receive state-of-the-art evaluation and treatment for stuttering and other fluency disorders. Treatment is carefully tailored to each client and family, and may include individual, group, and/or intensive therapy options. Tele-therapy options are available. Chmela Fluency Center’s holistic therapy approach considers current knowledge, research, and evidence and is based upon eleven Basic Principles originally formulated by Dr. Hugo Gregory at Northwestern University. Therapy includes close collaboration between clients, families, and other professionals, and prioritizes positive relationships between all parties.